A Letter To Youtube Channel “CinemaSins”

There’s a Youtube channel called “CinemaSins”.  They do a series of videos called “Everything Wrong with _______ in ___ minutes”.

I think they’re meant to be funny. They’re not funny. I hate these videos. I don’t find them funny. I find them aggravating.

Here’s why I find them aggravating.

The first video I saw of theirs was this one: Everything Wrong With The Avengers In 3 Minutes Or Less. During this video they completely pick apart every tiny little aspect of the movie and fault everything a “sin point” or something, and then at the end give the movie a total sin score of whatever.

I love The Avengers movie. I saw it in theatres 3 times. Watching the above Youtube video infuriated me. I did not like having someone criticize and nitpick every little inaccuracy in something that I loved. In addition, there were a LOT of things that these Cinema Sins guys gave sin points to that weren’t faults or inaccuracies or anything, they were just the CinemaSins guys opinions on something that was happening. Furthermore, there were points that didn’t even make any sense, and they gave points to things that they were completely wrong about. These weren’t just things like continuity errors or prop malfunctions, things that are legitimate errors in films. No, the majority of sins they point out in the movie are just opinions or sarcastic comments. This infuriated me even more.

I wish I had the time, patience and know-how to make a rebuttal video to their video. I wish I could do a “Everything Wrong With CinemaSins ‘The Avengers’ Video” video because MY sin point end count for their video would be pretty high. I’m going to give some examples of how wrong these guys are in their videos. I’m going to try to limit the number of examples, because I could list A LOT. There were too many to choose from, but I think I picked the ones that best illustrated my point.

Am I saying that The Avengers is a perfect movie? No. No movie is perfect. What I am saying is that the Cinema Sins guys were wrong about almost everything in their video. For example, at one point Captain America and Iron Man are arguing and kinda getting all up in each others faces. The CinemaSins guy said:

“Cap and Iron Man almost kiss,”

and added a point to the sin total.

My reaction was “What? No they didn’t! That’s stupid and wrong… and kinda homophobic. Minus one point.”

During the scene when they first show the S.H.I.E.L.D. helecarrier emerging from out of the ocean they said:

“The helecarrier is hella-stupid.”

No, it isn’t. That’s just your opinion. Minus one point.

Another one was when they said:

“Cap gets AIDS from handling bloody baseball card.”

What the fuck??!?!

Where did CinemaSins get that horrible idea?? Why the fuck did they think that was funny? Why did they give it a point?

Later, during the Chitauri invasion, CinemaSins said:

“And suddenly, there was Bruce Banner on a motorcycle,”

and gave the movie another point. This made no sense. What’s wrong with Bruce Banner arriving on a motorcycle? He fell off the Helicarier, so he couldn’t get to New York with Black Widow, Hawkeye and Captain America. He can’t fly like Iron Man or Thor. It would’ve taken him waaay too long to walk. I know Bruce is a doctor and a genius, but would he know how to steal a car? Why was him arriving on a bike wrong? Were Bruce’s parents killed in a motorcycle accident, giving him a severe phobia of bikes? If so, then this point would been legitimate. Otherwise, there is no reason to nitpick this. It makes no sense to give this a sin point.

Aha! Someone gave me the theory that they were alluding to the idea that Bruce seemed to acquire the motorcycle “out of thin air”. I counter that theory with my own theory that the CinemaSins guys weren’t smart enough to figure out that he got the motorcycle from the same guy he got the clothes from. I figured that out during my first viewing, and I thought it was pretty obvious. That old guy was obviously a security guard hired to watch the unused building that Bruce fell into. How would that man have gotten to work? He must have used that motorcycle, and then lent it to Bruce. The clothes he lent to Bruce were fairly old and worn, and so was the bike. It made logical sense to me. I found out later that there was a deleted scene which shows the security guard lending the bike to Bruce.

Ok, I concede that not everybody who watches the movie once will be able to figure that out where Bruce got the bike, but the CinemaSins guys must have watched the movie several times to make their video, and if after multiple viewings they couldn’t make the connection, then they are showing their lack intelligence.

And then, the comment CinemaSins makes about the scene towards the end of the movie when Bruce gets into Iron Man’s car is:

“Are Banner and Stark dating now?”

Again with the veiled homophobic comments, CinemaSins? Seriously, what is wrong with Tony giving Bruce a lift?  I mean, Bruce is a nice guy and probably would have given the security guard his bike back after the battle, assuming it was still intact, and I will point out again that Bruce does not have a car. CinemaSins seems to think that Bruce is only allowed to walk to wherever he needs to go.

So, then I thought to myself “If watching them nitpick to death a movie that I love made me angry, what if I watched them nitpick to death a movie that I didn’t really like? Would I find it funny?” So, I watched their video Everything Wrong With Twilight In 6 Minutes.

They made a couple of good comments, but there were some points that were just so stupid and wrong that it frustrated me. For example, about 0:27 seconds into the video the guy says something like

“This giant two-story house only has one bathroom,”

and proceeded to give the movie a sin point.

Seriously. That is stupid and wrong.

First, the house isn’t “giant”. Second, it’s fairly common for older houses to only have one bathroom. The house I grew up in was a two story house with only one bathroom. Most of my friend’s houses were the same. There’s nothing wrong with that. To me, that just means the CinemaSins crew were fortunate enough to grow up in houses with more than one bathroom.

Lucky them. Must have been nice. (sarcasm)

Therefore, they should subtract one point from their total for Twilight (not that it would make much of a difference).

Ultimately, the point I think I’m trying to make here is that it seems as though the CinemaSins guys are trying to rack up the highest point total that they can possibly get for each movie they skewer, even if it means that they have to make shit up (which they do, a lot). This cheapens their videos, and it detracts from any humor they were trying to achieve.


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One thought on “A Letter To Youtube Channel “CinemaSins”

  1. Mark says:

    Thank you for writing this. I used to be a fan of Cinemasins, but now absolutely despise Jeremy. The douchebag is why we can’t have nice things. He comes off as someone who would be a fan of a director like Zack Snyder and his rape fantasies and shoving religious imagery in others’ faces. Hope they die horribly.

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